Updated: May 22

Have you ever been driving to work or to the store (somewhere you go often), but upon arriving you think to yourself, I don’t really remember the drive at all! Or perhaps you drive through a set of lights and then think, was that light green?

This is an example of a hypnotic trance.

You were driving subconsciously.

Your conscious mind was off thinking about other things, perhaps work, family, daily events but it was your subconscious mind that was operating the vehicle and keeping you safe.

Have you ever read a really good book, or found yourself scrolling on your phone and didn’t realize how much time had passed? Or maybe you found that everything around you just seemed to disappear for a while? This too is an example of trance.

The truth is, Hypnosis is a natural state and you go in and out of it all day long. You go through the trance state to wake up in the morning and you go through it to fall asleep each night. When you daydream, you are in trance. When you watch a movie that elicits an emotional response of any kind, this is also trance.

There are so many examples, and all prove that you are in fact very very good at being hypnotized because you do it to yourself all day long!

So now that you know you can be hypnotized, the next step is knowing what to do with that state. In a clinical environment, a trained professional would use this state to help you achieve the goals you want for yourself.

So if you find yourself wondering, can I be hypnotized, the answer is most certainly yes!

If you would like to book a consultation for an in-person session or an online session, visit Wellness Canada, email, or call (905) 251-9663 and speak with a Consulting Hypnotist who specializes in helping you become healthy, happy and achieve any goals you wish to achieve.

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