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Meet Your Hypnotists

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Jennifer Wood
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I'm Jennifer Wood, a Consulting Hypnotist and Director of Hypnosis Education at Wellness Canada. Based in Georgina, Ontario, I am dedicated to helping people overcome challenges and improve their well-being through hypnosis.

I opened Wellness Canada in 2018 to offer hypnosis services for specialties like quitting smoking, managing stress and anxiety, treating insomnia, pain management, and weight management. I also provide holistic services like Past Life Regression and Akashic Records readings. My goal is to help my clients make lasting changes and feel better overall.

In 2021, I opened the Wellness Canada School of Hypnosis to train and educate new hypnotists. I offer accredited courses and workshops to help students learn how to use hypnosis for their own growth and to help others.

Here are the services I offer:

  • Clinical Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

  • Stress and Anxiety Management

  • Insomnia Treatment

  • Pain Management

  • Weight Management

  • Holistic Hypnosis Services like Past Life Regression, Chakra Balancing, Connecting with Spirit, Meeting Your Spirit Animal, and Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Wellness Canada operates by appointment only, so please schedule a time to visit. I offer free consultations, which you can book on my website at

I truly care about each and every one of my clients. I'm here to support you in promoting positive thinking and adopting a positive mindset. Helping people achieve their goals and enhance their lives through the power of hypnosis is my passion.

Marty Taylor
A man with a green shirt smiling.


I'm Marty Taylor, a Consulting Hypnotist at Wellness Canada. I joined the team in 2021, and I specialize in Past Life Regression.

Through Past Life Regression, I help clients explore their past lives to uncover patterns and experiences that influence their current lives. This technique can offer valuable insights and promote healing.

At Wellness Canada, we work by appointment only to make sure each client gets the personalized attention they need. You can book a free consultation with me on our website at

I truly care about helping my clients achieve self-awareness and personal growth through hypnosis. My goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore your past lives and find the healing you need.

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