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Communicating with Heavenly Pets

A Hypnotic Experience to Reconnect with Your Beloved Pet

  • 2 hr
  • 199.99 Canadian dollars
  • Wellness Canada


Communicating with Heavenly Pets offers a unique and compassionate hypnosis experience designed to reconnect you with your beloved pet who has passed away. In this serene and supportive setting, we acknowledge the profound bond you shared with your pet and the deep sense of loss that can follow their passing. What to Expect: You will be gently guided into a relaxed, hypnotic state during the session. Here, you'll explore the cherished memories and the special bond you shared with your pet. This journey is about revisiting past moments and fostering a sense of peace and closure. Personalization: We understand that each bond with a pet is unique. You are welcome and encouraged to bring photographs or a cherished item that belonged to your pet. These personal mementos can serve as a powerful connection point during the hypnotic journey, enhancing the experience and making it deeply personal and more vivid. Benefits: Emotional Healing: It helps process grief and provides a sense of closeness that many find comforting. Closure: It offers a space to say the things left unsaid, providing a sense of peace. Memory Reconnection: Revives positive memories, reinforcing the joy and love shared. Relaxation: The hypnotic state induces relaxation, aiding in emotional and mental well-being. Our Approach: At Wellness Canada, we respect and honor the significance of your loss. Our approach is gentle, empathetic, and entirely centered around your needs and feelings. The session is a safe space for emotions, reflections, and healing. Rediscover the connection with your beloved pet and embark on a journey of healing and remembrance beyond the Rainbow Bridge.


  • Wellness Canada

    157 High Street, Sutton West, ON, Canada

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