See what some of our clients have to say about achieving their goals! 

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Jennifer is so amazing & upbeat! I was nervous and I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know if I could even be hypnotised! *Turns out I can haha* she made me feel so relaxed & comfortable. Which says a lot as I suffer from severe anxiety & any unknowns is VERY difficult for me. She explains everything in detail & makes sure you understand everything. She addresses ALL questions and concerns with knowledgeable information which results in you being even more comfortable knowing she knows what she's talking about! She never rushes or pushes anything and you get to go at your own pace. I am so happy to be working with Jennifer & to continue to learn and grow from my sessions. I leave feeling great, energized & positive! I highly recommend these services. I was skeptical at first, but I couldn't be happier.

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Thank you Jennifer. One month free of Smoking after 40 some years. One session with you and the thought and smell of smoke is very wrong. Jennifer, you know what you are doing , again, Thank you.


I recently had an appointment with Jennifer, to Quit Smoking. I had zero idea what to expect and she had made me feel so comfortable and educated me during the process. by the end of the appointment I felt the absolute most relaxed I've felt for years! my appointment was on Tuesday and it's now Friday and I havent even needed a smoke. I will be forever grateful! thank you Jennifer!

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Amazing experience with my session last night. I am 1 year without a cigarette and I feel fantastic. Thank you Jennifer.

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I cannot recommend this enough! I had my first hypnosis session with Jennifer for pain therapy and had one of the most amazing experiences! I didn't know what to expect but Jennifer made me feel comfortable and relaxed, I have to say I have not had the excruciating chronic pain in my back for days! She is absolutely the best! I will definitely be seeing Jennifer again!

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Jennifer at Wellness Canada is just wonderful! I have done a Past Life Regression with her and it was definitely something I did not expect. It was a very positive experience and I felt safe and welcomed at all times. She has also done some small hypnosis sessions on me to help me focus. I have found myself more productive, happy and motivated!  Give Wellness Canada a try! You will not be disappointed.


Jennifer is amazing! I didn't know what to expect. She made me feel so comfortable. It was relaxing and insightful.


What a wonderful amazing sweet, kind hearted, loving lady Jennifer owner of Wellness Canada. From our first phone calls the was professional and very respectful, caring and most importantly she listened to what I needed help with. I was really nervous, she took her time with me on the phone and told me about herself and her services, she was ale to answer all my questions with her bubbly voice. I knew right there I picked the right place. When I finally met Jennifer in person she was everything that I had mention earlier she was gentle and help me to heal, the best part is that she keep in touch to see and make sure I was doing fine with my progress what a wonderful person to check up on a client amazing. I would recommend Jennifer at Wellness Canada to everyone I know. Keep up the great work!


A place where a you can get positive help with things you struggle with, and to get so much help your life!


I saw and felt things from my past that opened me up for this experience. I saw my dad (which I've been wanting to connect with since his passing). And then we went through different phases along this journey, and I was Guided by my Spirit Guides to get lessons in letting go, following my heart and dreams and knowing that I was, and I am truly loved. I had tears of joy throughout this experience and felt a lot of love. I am sure the journey is different for everyone, and at the end we sat together and shared it together (as much as you wanted to share). Jennifer did a fantastic job. Her voice, her presence and guidance through this experience was amazing. I recommend this to anyone who wants to connect with themselves or their past. Thanks Jennifer for the help in connecting, and I'll be seeing you again.

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I had a Past Life Regression with Jennifer in a group experience recently with some of those that are close to me and it was an insightful experience. I went into this not sure what to expect. I wasn’t sure if I was relinquishing control of myself or possibly not able remember anything. It was none of that. I had complete control over myself and the situation the entire time! I could have gotten up and had a snack if I wanted, lol. Jen, the method that you walked us through was so peaceful and relaxing. You made everything seem so easy and effortless it was truly amazing! Maybe I was hoping for some answers to questions that I have pertaining to my up bringing or maybe I was looking for some sort of fantasy. I’m not sure. What I am sure about is you helped me find my focus and strength in life. The life I seen was one of a strong person that can overcome anything. (Even though I had ugly feet 🙄)

You were an amazing guide in helping me to realize what my past life was trying to show and teach me! It’s given me strength to face the unknown and the crazy parts of life that come my way. You’ve helped me see that “yes! I can do it!”

Thanks so much Jen!

I will be contacting you regarding some of your other services as well 😊