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Consultation | In-Person

Discover if Hypnosis is right for you.

  • 45 minutes
  • Wellness Canada


At Wellness Canada, we specialize in practical hypnosis solutions tailored to your personal needs. Whether it's for Smoking Cessation, Weight Management, Stress Management, or any of our many services provided, our methods are grounded and practical. Start with a Free Phone Consultation: This session is your first step towards a customized plan that works for you, focusing on realistic and achievable goals and answering any questions you might have about the process. Understand How Hypnosis Can Help You: Learn about the practical applications of hypnosis in a clear, straightforward manner. We'll explain what happens during a session and what you can expect. Our approach to hypnosis is safe, natural, and based on current psychological understanding. It's about gently guiding your subconscious towards positive changes, without any mysticism or unnecessary complexity. At Wellness Canada, you'll receive support from knowledgeable and caring professionals. We're here to answer your questions and address concerns, ensuring you understand and are comfortable with the process every step of the way. We prioritize your comfort and control, providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all our clients. Take Your First Step with Us: Book your free consultation today and start your journey towards a more fulfilling life. This is an opportunity to see how Hypnosis can help you take control of your life. 🔹🔹🔹 IMPORTANT 🔹🔹🔹 This booking is for a Phone Consultation only. Future sessions can be arranged on this consultation call for an in-person session or via Zoom, for your convenience.


  • Wellness Canada

    157 High Street, Sutton West, ON, Canada

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