Why You Should Buy a 21 Day Quit Smoking - Adult Colouring Book when Quitting Smoking?

Updated: May 22

Quitting Smoking is a very personal and healthy decision and keeping your hands and mind busy on things that maintain your focus is often the key to success.

You are very good at doing many things unconsciously at once (eg. walking and talking), but you can only consciously focus on one thing at a time. If you can only focus one thing at a time, it’s important to make sure that one thing is beneficial to your goal. When you quit smoking it is fair to say you may experience some obsessive thinking about cigarettes and this is why having healthy options available is important.

One of these options, The 21 Day Quit Smoking - Adult Colouring Book will occupy both your mind and your hands while offering day by day tips, motivational suggestions and mandala style art to walk you through your journey. The book is designed with 21 days specifically because it takes a new habit 21 days of consistency to become your new lifestyle so if you are looking for an all in one support tool, this is it!

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