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Coaching is my Calling

Updated: Feb 12

Man getting coaching

Hello from sunny Arizona.

As my visit to see my BFF of 46 years, Paul is coming to an end, I find myself reflecting on my time here. The conversations, the reflection, the laughter that can only come from someone who knows you well. The jewel in the crown is the epiphany that I didn’t choose Life Coaching it chose me.

While I always knew that I had a gift, something for my entire life I took for granted; these conversations confirmed that I had always been the go-to person for help.

By the age of 60 I realized that the next step was the need for the fusion of my natural gift with the academic journey. In doing so, I finally found myself on the path to my best tomorrow. Hence, I asked myself what now?

These conversations with my BFF Paul confirmed that Life Skills Coaching was not a career choice rather it was a calling. I wanted to broaden the lens I was looking through. I wanted to fully understand and demonstrate that a client’s engagement with their Life Coach was a collaborative effort. How to connect the academic piece to the real-life challenges of my clients, where my own life lessons learned often carried more weight in support of their journey.

Having been on both sides, I have learned that what some clients may want is to fast-track the process, resulting in achieving their goals sooner rather than later and that’s OK. This allows me to bring to the table an opportunity for a cut-to-the-chase conversation while moving forward at a pace that is comfortable for you, the client. This creates a greater possibility for expanded learning and fresh perspectives.

What is the opportunity here?

What part of your journey have you not yet explored?

If we could wipe the slate clean what would that look like on the path to your best tomorrow?

What will happen if you choose coaching, and what will happen if you don’t?

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