Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Experience a Past Life Regression

Jennifer Wood, Past Life Regression Guide shares advice, and her top five reasons why you should experience a Past Life Regression, as she has guided thousands of people to experience their past, connect with loved ones who have passed on and to gain wisdom or knowledge to help your their current life.

Reason 1: Discover who you were before you were you!

What did you look like?

What was your name?

What culture, gender or age were you?

How did you live? How did you die?

What kind of similarities are there between that life and this one?

Reason 2: You may have unanswered questions about why things keep appearing in your life. Perhaps things that are repetitive.

Past lives are often able to tell us, or show us what those reasons may be.

Reason 3: Find out why you picked this Lifetime. Your family. Your parents.

Receive Guidance as to why are you here and what lessons you need to receive to have a better life.

Reason 4: Connect with a Loved One, a Guide, a Spiritual Being. Someone you can connect with. Have a talk, find out what you need to know.

Reason 5: To release trauma. Past Life Regression allows you to let it go, and move on to more helpful ways of living. Getting to know yourself in a way you didn’t consider before.

A few things Jennifer recommends before trying Past Life Regression for the first time is keeping an open mind and to do it when you are truly ready and have uninterrupted time to put aside for yourself.

It’s also important to understand that all Past Life Regressions are different in nature.

Some are very loving and some not.

Be prepared to learn and observe no matter what you experience.

You are always safe and if you feel unsafe you can always just open your eyes.

It’s also important to know that you will not be lead by your Past Life Regression Guide, which means your guide will not suggest what you may be seeing. Your Guide is there to help get to you the experience. What you experience while visiting your past, is completely personal and unique to you.

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