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Hypnosis isn't only used for Stage Performers or Clinical Therapies. Hypnosis is alive and well in the spiritual world, allowing people to go beyond meditation and into themselves, their minds, and their past.

In a typical session at Wellness Canada you would be guided into a comfortable space (this applies to in-person sessions) spend some one on one time with your Certified Consulting Hypnotist/ Past Life Regression Guide, and you would have an opportunity to discuss what Past Life Regression is all about, what you hope to achieve, and how you will feel during this experience.

It will be explained that you are always in control, you are always safe, and you will be placed into a very relaxing state where the journey will begin. You will be taken back into your Past, in this lifetime to begin. You will remember things that will help you move back even further and then eventually you will start to recall, see, hear or experience memories from a Past Lifetime.

During this journey you will discover things you have forgotten, lessons you were meant to learn in this lifetime, and things that uncover who you are, why you are here, what lessons are to be learned, and why you experience things in this lifetime bringing you a deeper understanding into yourself. You will also be given an opportunity to connect with a loved one who has passed on, or perhaps a spirit guide, or an angel, where you can ask questions and receive messages needed to help you most at this time of your life.

Past Life Regression Sessions are not “led”, meaning your facilitator will never lead you into a specific Past Life. The Past Life you receive will be exactly what you need to receive for whatever life events you are experiencing now.

Past Life Regression can be an incredibly healing experience, as you journey along your path in this life, and into your Past Life.

If you would like to book a consultation for an in-person session or an online session, visit Wellness Canada, email, or call (905) 251-9663 and speak with a Consulting Hypnotist who specializes in helping you become healthy, happy and achieve any goals you wish to achieve.



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