The Smoking Cessation Program with Wellness Canada, allows you to work on the psychological habits and addiction, allowing your subconscious mind to help you break free from what has been holding you back from achieving your goals.

Upon waking from your Hypnosis Session, you will feel amazing, free, and confident in your abilities to achieve your goals but it gets even better!

While you remain in a comfortable and receptive state, we then begin the coaching process, which is quite amazing in itself.

Most people will leave and never again have a craving or a second thought about smoking.

However, life isn’t always perfect and so we want you to have all the tools you will ever need to combat any feelings you may experience. During this coaching, you gain all the tools you need to learn self-hypnosis at home, how to manage your moods, anxiety, obsessive thinking, cravings, how to manage stressful situations, your sleep schedule, and a variety of other tools depending on your personal situation. Not only do you leave a non-smoker feeling free, empowered, and confident, but you will find that you will be in such a positive mental state; you will feel like a brand new person!

If you would like to book a consultation for an in-person session or an online session, visit Wellness Canada, email, or call (905) 251-9663 and speak with a Consulting Hypnotist who specializes in helping you become healthy, happy and achieve any goals you wish to achieve.