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The Differences Between a Life Coach and a Therapist

Updated: Feb 12

Counselor and client

There are some critical differences between a Life Coach and a Therapist.

A Life Coach is typically focused on helping clients set and achieve goals and make positive changes in their lives. They may work on career, business, relationships, health, and personal development. A coach often uses goal-setting, action-planning, and accountability techniques to help clients succeed.

A Therapist or Counselor, on the other hand, is typically focused on helping clients address and overcome mental health concerns, emotional difficulties, and psychological issues. They may work with clients on anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship problems.

Therapists often use cognitive-behavioral therapy, talk therapy, and other evidence-based practices to help clients progress in these areas.

Coaches and Therapists can be effective in helping people improve their lives and reach their goals, but they have different areas of focus and use other techniques. Therefore, it's essential to consider what you're looking to achieve in working with a professional and choose the one that aligns best with your needs and goals.

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