Updated: May 22

Hypnosis is a natural occurrence. One you flow in and out of each and every day.

It's a state of total relaxation and total focus.

It's easy to watch a Hypnosis Stage Show and think to yourself that the subjects dancing around the stage or doing funny things must be under some kind of magical spell, but the truth is, even the person who is on stage does not "feel" hypnotized'. If you asked someone if they felt Hypnotized while they were in fact in trance, they would often say "no".

So how does it feel?

Hypnosis feels calming and relaxing, both mentally and physically, and you are totally attentive what ever you are focused on or thinking about.

Let's look at some day to day examples.

When you are reading a good book, watching a captivating movie, or even just scrolling for some time on your phone, do you feel hypnotized,

or do you just feel relaxed and focused? You go into a trance state in all three of these examples, yet you don't ever feel as if you are 'in trance'.

You are not stuck there, and if someone were to knock at the door, you would certainly be able to come out of trance and answer the door.

You are always in control, and you can slip back into trance as easily as you came out.

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