Does Online Hypnosis Really Work?

Updated: May 22

There have been some incredible changes to the way we do things these days.

Due to COVID-19, many are working from home and operating virtually. Hypnosis is no different. In fact many of the Hypnotists I’ve connected with all agree that although in person clients have declined significantly, online sessions are alive and well.

But at what cost? Is this less effective? Everyday, I have clients share their concerns with me about meeting virtually and the truth is, once a client closes their eyes, from that point forward, it’s genuinely the same process. They are listening and interacting with their eyes shut. What’s even better is the client is in their own environment, where they are relaxed and comfortable.

I saw a client this week, who came with the belief that online sessions don’t work. Even after explaining all of this, I know she wasn’t convinced.

She went ahead with the online session anyways because she had a goal in mind and she didn’t want to wait and her reaction upon opening her eyes was incredible. She just kept repeating, ”I really didn’t expect that to work, wow, wow, wow”. Despite her doubts, she had an incredible experience and the smile on her face said it all. So if you are ever curious, and would like to feel that ”wow” moment yourself, don’t hesitate your try for yourself.

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