70 Years of Smoking, Up in Smoke!

Cliff was a smoker, a heavy smoker.

In fact, he had been smoking for 70 years, having his first puff at the young age of eight years old.

He said he couldn't recall a time in his life where he didn't smoke, and this habit just became a part of the way he lived. By the time Cliff came in to see Hypnotist Jennifer Wood at the Wellness Canada he had made dozens of attempts to quit, trying all the options, Pills, Patches, Laser and Acupuncture, but there has was, still smoking.

Despite being a life-long addict, he knew the effects on his health were catching up.

His breathing was suffering, his energy was low, he actually hated the smell, and the cost of buying cigarettes were just getting too expensive. He really wanted to quit but he just wasn't sure how. Cliff had one Hypnosis session, tackling the psychological aspect of quitting, understanding the importance of the detox process, cravings, obsessive thinking, moods, and sleep. Little did Cliff know, this day would be the last day of his addiction.

The last time his body had to endure this poison.

The last time he had to spend money on something that made him smell foul. He was surprised that even though he walked in nervous, unsure, and even feeling like he was breaking up with a best friend, there he was walking out of his appointment feeling in control, confident and solid in his decision to reach his goals no matter what. A week later, Cliff reached out to Jennifer in disbelief. Partly because he had remained a non-smoker, but even more shocking was that he felt amazing! This entertained and confused him. He had spent most of his life preparing for this life altering, terrible event, and it was, easy? How could that be? One year later Cliff is proud to say he is still a non-smoker and can't believe he didn't do this sooner. His advice to anyone he speaks to is simple. Quitting Smoking can be as difficult as you want it to be, or as hard as you want it to be. Asking for help isn't a sign of weakness, and which ever modality you find to be the most helpful in helping you achieve that goal, is a step in the right direction. He just happened to find that Hypnosis was his modality of choice because the other methods didn't help him with the psychological element he was looking for. Cliff also expressed that if someone who smoked two packs a day for seventy years can quit, so can anyone else who has the desire to do the same.

Cliff's Advice, "You are more Powerful than your Excuses".

If you would like more information on the services Cliff used,

visit www.wellnesscanada.ca or email support@wellnesscanada.ca.

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