Wellness Canada's Hypnosis Center was established in 2018 in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, by Jennifer Wood, Consulting Hypnotist.

Jennifer specializes in
Clinical Services, such as Smoking Cessation,
Weight Management & Anxiety Management. 

Wellness Canada worked closely with the community, helping people accomplish their goals of better health & happiness, and educating the community on the benefits of healing using Hypnosis.

Jennifer relocated Wellness Canada in January of 2021 and opened
a new Hypnosis Centre in Sutton West, Ontario.

At this time, Marty Taylor, a Past Life Regression &
Spiritual Hypnotist
joined the Wellness Canada Team, and added an element to
Wellness Canada that the Community quickly embraced.


In April of 2021, Jennifer Wood & Marty Taylor co-released
The 21 Day Quit Smoking Colouring Book, on Amazon.
A book designed to help those who are quitting smoking, to
keep their hands and minds busy.  

In September 2021 Wellness Canada officially opened the
doors to 
Wellness Canada School of Hypnosisan 
Accredited Hypnosis Training School for both
Clinical & Spiritual Hypnosis Education where
Jennifer and Marty are both Hypnosis Instructors. 

In January of 2022, Wellness Canada's Tree grew one more
branch, and welcomed Grant Peckford, a
Life Skills Coach to the Team. 

Grant Peckford has been a coach and mentor for over 30 years.

Working with youth and adults, in areas of Addiction,
Weight Management, Life Skills, and working closely
with the LGBTQ+ Community.

Grant has began taking clients as of February 2022.

Wellness Canada will always thrive to provide a safe, comfortable, healing and educational space, where people feel supported.

And as we move forward, 2022 has so many exciting opportunities. We are thankful to have such a warm and welcoming community be a part of as we continue to grow - together.