Marty Taylor
Marty Taylor
Marty Taylor

Marty Taylor is an Instructor, Consulting Hypnotist, Past Life Regression Practitioner, and Co-Author of The 21 Day Quit Smoking Adult Colouring Book, based out of Sutton, Ontario. 

Marty is recognized for working with clients all over the world, helping people achieve their goals, from Addictions to Anxiety Management, and so much more.


As a leader of Past Life Regression, Marty works with students and clients, one on one, in group settings, online and in-person, helping others to understand themselves better and helping them discover and work through the roadblocks which hold them back from achieving their best life.

If you have never experienced a Past Life Regression, it can be an experience of a lifetime. 

Marty is a regular guest on Georgina Life TV, and a guest speaker both locally and internationally. 

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