Built for You! | Location can be Online or in Person.

Hypnosis Mentorship Program

Whether you are an experienced Hypnotist or a beginner, this is your own personal class, with your own personal trainer, a class customized for YOU! No matter the topic, we will work together to create a program to suit you and your specific needs.
Hypnosis Mentorship Program

Time & Location

Built for You!
Location can be Online or in Person.

About the Event

This personazlied Mentorship Program  consists of four (6 hour) days of Hypnosis, with Conulting Hypnotist, Jennifer Wood, CH,  with Wellness Canada School of Hypnosis. This course will be conducted in house, at 157 High Street, Sutton West, Ontario, or via zoom. This program is customized  specifically for you. 

Your mentorship program also includes two follow-up skype/phone calls as part of your program and continuted support as you grow as a hypnotist. 

This program is taught over 6 full days and allows you to begin a new career as a Consulting Hypnotist, helping others overcome obstacles such as smoking, weight management, stress, fears, and phobias.

This program includes all Course Materials, Student Manuals, Script Packages, Diploma, and a Lifetime Student Membership with the CTAA - The Complimentary Therapist Accreditation Association.

The cost of this program is $4,200 for non-members of Wellness Canada, and $4,000 for members. 

Membership is available on an annual subscription for $24.99 which comes with a variety of perks such as scripts, recordings and discounts on courses.

Course Dates: As needed, as this is an ongoing and personalized program working together with your scheule.

Course Outlines May Include;

Introduction to Hypnosis

How to work with the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind

How to Classify Subjects for Inductions

Understanding what influences Trance

Suggestibility Testing

Powerful Inductions and which Induction to use

Hypnosis Theory and History

Brain Waves and Depth Levels

The Art of Hypnotizing, Deepening and Awakening

How to Develop "Post Hypnotic Suggestions"

How to Organize a Full Session


How to Hypnotize a Subject via Zoom/Telephone

How to Write your own Script

Hands on Practise

Certification Exam

.....and much much more!

As a Professional Hypnotist what life-changing services can I offer my clients?

-Stress Management

-Release Fears and Phobias

-Weight Management

-Quit Smoking Program

-Increase Self Esteem and Confidence

-Improve Health

-Athletic Performance

-Improve Personal Relationships

and approximately 500 other uses.

As you can see, hypnosis can be applied to almost any issue that is controlled by the subconscious mind.

Whether it is something we want to let go of, or something we wish to enhance. The list is nearly endless, along with the clientele. This is about empowering your clients, and yourself.

Register today to save your spot as seats are very limited.

  • Hypnosis Mentorship Program
    +$105 Service fee
    +$105 Service fee

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